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Google Search Console Experience Crawl Stats Report Data Issue

In the short term of March 10th and March 23rd crawl stats report presented a data issue, no Google Search Console issues were related to this data bug.

Google said that inside the Google Search Console there was an “internal reporting issue” between March 10th and March 23rd with the crawl stats report. This data issue was only associated with the reporting tools and had no impact on your ranking or Google Search performance.

You may witness a drop in your crawl data in that particular report, yet that reporting drop is only a reporting issue. This means that this issue is only on the reports, it is not an actual problem with Google crawl activity.

Before we further dive into this update, Uptime Web Solution recommends a little knowledge about the crawl stats report.

What is the Search Console Crawl Stats Report?

The crawl stats report in Google Search Console is utilized to help comprehend and improve Google bot crawling. It gives insights about Google’s web crawling, for example, how regularly it crawls a site and what the reactions were.

Many experts say that the report is pertinent if working with an enormous site, yet less a worry on the off chance that you have a site with less than 1,000 pages.

Here are a few questions that you can provide the answer to with the information given in the crawl stats report:

  • What is your site’s overall accessibility?
  • What is the normal page reaction for a crawl demand?
  • How many crawl requests were made by Google to your site over the most recent 90 days?

What Does Google Say?

Google said between March 10 through March 23, 2021, you may witness a decrease in information in this period because of an internal reporting issue. The organization said. Google explained, “this issue didn’t influence actual page fetches, just the reporting of fetch reporting during this period.”

Uptime Web Solution

Crawl stats report: The crawl stats report can be accessed in Google Search Console. This report shows you measurements about Google’s crawling history on your site, for example, the number of requests that were made and when your server reaction was, and any accessibility issues experienced. You can utilize this report to recognize whether Google experiences serving issues when crawling your site.

What does this mean for SEO?

This new update is major assistance for Technical SEO which manages the crawling and indexing of a site. Indexing is the part where Google measures a website page to show up in the indexed lists. However, preceding that, a site page ought to be crawled first.

In simple words, if Google is not able to crawl your website properly, it won’t index pages or recognize any progressions made to a specific page and take it into consideration for ranking. Uptime Web Solution keeps with the updates because Google continues to update itself and the features.

These new bits of knowledge that are currently accessible to us SEOs make it simpler to analyze issues like an issue in our hosting, which assets are consuming up the crawl budget, error 404s, and the sky is the limit from there. It resembles seeing our site from Google’s perspective.

Why Do We Give It A Thought?

Try not to be frightened on the off chance that you see a drop in your crawl activity during this time span. A reporting glitch doesn’t mean you had any issues with Google crawling or gaining access to your site. All things considered, compare the crawl activity with past comparative weeks to later comparative weeks to check whether there are issues. Be that as it may, don’t utilize the March 10th through March 23rd time span for any analysis of your site’s accessibility health.

What to Take Away from This Update

I for one am extremely satisfied with this update. Any information that Google shares is enormous in light of the fact that it gives us more space to work. Since we have more information on how Google crawls our sites, we can perform fixes and optimizations at a quicker rate and generally permit us to deal with our crawl budgets better. Uptime Web Solution focuses on keeping up with Google’s guidelines and optimizing the website for better ranking. Remember that crawling is a necessary process and ensuring Google can crawl your site effectively should always be considered as a priority.


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