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Can Site Quality be Quantified in Search Console

The question that is discussed in this article is regarding whether the search quality is quantifiable, which means that something that could actually be expressed and measured as a metric. The answers to this question overviewed in this article are surprising since they indicate having looked into a search console-quality metric in order to assist and help the publishers.

The discussion of the idea of site quality might seem deceptively simple but in reality, it is not that simple. Many experts talk and give their opinions regarding the significance and importance of site quality for ranking and indexing but at the companies like Google its meaning is actually a mystery and hence the basic subjective ideas are the only outputs.

Concept of Site Quality

Basically, the site quality concept is a subjective concept that is dependent on the individual opinions and the opinions that are being influenced by their wildly experience’s varied levels and knowledge. There lies no objective and absolute way to express what really site quality.

When it comes to individual people then there lies no clear explanation regarding what quality actually means for the global firms and platforms like Google and the reason behind this is that Google actually doesn’t deliver the width, height, and depth of their site quality definition are.

As it is implied by the question, there lies no real way through which independent verification regarding the multiple algorithms could be quantified. The question that is asked quite reasonably looks forward to be looking for something that is more quantifiable and objective. It is asked that when there is an improvisation of the quality being catered so is it quality something that is being considered as quantifiable, or it actually is a simple term that is there determining how multiple algorithms look at a particular website.

Insights of Site Quality

It comes as no surprise that site quality is not a quantifiable quantity. It is not suggested that site quality is quantifiable regarding the sense that we have for the quality score that one might have for the advertisements when it is regarded to the web search. At Google, there lie lots of different algorithms that tend to understand a website’s quality, and hence it is not only one number that could determine this.

The next regarded revelation comes as to be surprising. There has been a discussion regarding the possibility of quality metrics creation in the search console. This then reveals the sympathy that is related to the plight of publishers and seeing if there lies a way for assisting them with some kind of quality metric.

Talks with the Search Quality Team

Even though there has been time to time talks with the search quality team regarding the quality metric that could be shown for example in the search console. But, it is concluded to be super tricky since there could be a creation of a separate quality metric that can further show in the search console but again, that is not the quality metric that could be used for search and thus it kind of misleads.

Further, if there lies a requirement to show the exact quality metric that is then used on the one hand that leads to the little bit opening of the things for abuse and besides it makes it very harder for the teams to be there internally working on the improvising of this metric. Hence, there lies a tricky balance over here. But, still, there lies a certainty that the measure of quality in the search console could be present.  

Moreover, quality is not considered as just one number. If there lies a requirement for showing how exactly the quality metric is being used, then this doesn’t regard or conclude that there lies a single metric. Hence, it is expected for this statement to be understood within the entire context where there should be multiple quality-related algorithms catered as well, and again, it is not just one number.

What Is Expected By Google?

For providing an actionable quality metric, it is expected by Google to reveal what are the different and distinct quality-related algorithms, and then that will open the gates and things up for “abuse” as it is being noted. Whereas, one thing that is known is the real meaning of site quality by the standards of Google is something that encompasses a lot more than just text content and that is broad.