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For Keyword – Based Domains, No SEO Bonus Anymore: Google

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It was said by a Google representative that no SEO bonus is provided by the keyword-based domains, in fact, they also limit SEO bonuses too. And, later different sets of ideas were offered by the professional for the best domains. Adding Keywords in the Domain Name There lie numerous reasons why it is recommended to […]

Linking and Designing Strategy of Homepage for Publishers

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For News SEO, a publisher’s homepage is one of the important pages. Hence, the question arrives is what happens in the conditions where numerous internal link to articles from a homepage of a publisher comes as dramatically being reduced? This blog tells about the different ways in which the homepage supports the goal of a […]

Can Site Quality be Quantified in Search Console

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The question that is discussed in this article is regarding whether the search quality is quantifiable, which means that something that could actually be expressed and measured as a metric. The answers to this question overviewed in this article are surprising since they indicate having looked into a search console-quality metric in order to assist […]

Search Engine Optimization – Your Optimum Solutions

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Operating as a digital marketing agency, Uptime Web Solutions intends to be one of the providers of SEO services in USA. We look forward to improvising the rankings in the search results for keywords that are relevant to a given business of our client’s business. Through these improved rankings, we dedicate ourselves to increasing the […]

Acknowledging LinkedIn Statistics for the Year 2022

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Many different purposes are served by Social Media. Today, people surf Facebook and Twitter for different entertainment, memes, and sports. They also browse Pinterest and Instagram for different beautiful inspiration and images. While when we come to business and different professional networking opportunities, LinkedIn comes as a place where one should be. The reason for […]