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Policy Regarding the Updated Google Ads Destination Requirements

In March 2022, for improvising the clarity for advertisers, Google Ads is updating its Destination requirements policy. The current policies won’t be impacted by the changes that have been made. On 21st March 2022, official changes to the destination policies are going to affect. If one is unclear regarding the reason why Google has disapproved their ads in the previous days, these are changes that should be there benefiting you.

What Changes Are Being Made?

When an ad is disapproved by Google, usually the reason for that disapproval is not clear, or what does that mean for the rest of the campaign of an advertiser.

The main reason behind this update of the destination policy by Google is to provide different clear examples and updated language of disapprovals. These are the following changes that have been made to the policy:

  • Clarification of the guidelines for the “insufficient original content” policy
  • Introduction of the new “destination not accessible policy”
  • Update for the examples in the “destination not working” policy

Insufficient Original Content

The first change that will be made will be within the “insufficient original content” policy. To be more specific, into this insufficient policy, websites that had error messages inclusive of “site under construction” will be categorized. In the previous days, such error messages used to correspond to the “destination not working” policy. While the destinations that will now receive this error message include: a website whose main intention is to reserve a web address (without any content on it), parked domains, websites that are there displaying “under construction” or “coming soon” messages.

Destination Not Accessible

This second update is an independent, new policy that came from Google. This policy is called a “destination not accessible” and further falls under access limitations’ requirements. An example of this is that if a site has shown a message of “down for maintenance”, this is the error message that you will be receiving from Google Ads. While below are the other examples where one will be receiving this disapproval from Google:

  • A site in the targeted location is displaying a location-based access limitation.
  • A sit that is displaying other messaging that is related to the access limitations in the targeted location, such as “you don’t have an access to view this page”.

Destination Not Working

 This is the last one where Google is updating its related example once it is there showcasing the “destination not working” policy. The reason behind this significant update is for improvising clarity and transparency for the advertisers.

The updated language of Google around this policy will be shown as follows:

If a site contains “HTTP” or a server code will be there receiving this message.

Furthermore, one might be at risk for receiving disapproval in the following conditions:

  • An authentication error is returned by the website
  • The website doesn’t work on common devices or browsers.

Reason Why Advertisers Should Care

With more transparency and clarity provided by Google around disapprovals, one might be able to troubleshoot the ads faster. The quick identification of a disapproval issue is proportional to the ads getting back up and running.

On March 21st, 2022 these policy updates go into effect. One will want to make sure that the website and the accessibility catering to it come in the good condition for avoiding these disapprovals. While for coping up with all these changes, a PPC Company in USA, providing the PPC services in USA will be able to keep one up to the mark.