Web Design Tips for Mobile Friendly Website

web design tips for mobile friendly websites

Did you know that more than half of your website’s traffic is coming from mobile devices? Therefore, if your website is not positively optimized for mobile devices then your website is missing out on a lot of traffic. That is where the role of web design and development services start. More importantly, if your website is not mobile-friendly then you won’t be able to improve your website’s ranking on SERP because SEO and web design go hand in hand.

Your website should be designed in such a way that it is responsive to mobile devices. Google prefers websites that mobile-friendly and attractive. But if you’re wondering that it can cost you tons of dollars for a beautiful website. You might be right but that’s why we offer affordable web design services so we can provide you an aesthetic website.

Web Design Tips

We think it’s time to level up your web design to bring in more traffic and increase revenue. If you’re wondering about how to optimize your website to be mobile responsive. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read along with this blog, we have the best web design and development keys for you to create or optimize your current website for your business. It’s not that difficult, just follow along with these tips and you’ll be set in no time.

Here are some tips to use a web design that’s best for mobile devices:

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMPs are the concise version of your web pages that only contain elements that are crucial for that specific page. You can set up multiple pages of your website as AMPs as an addition to your current responsive design format. Although AMP sounds like an incomplete page it has its own perks. AMPs’ best advantage is the visual aspect. It contains more visuals with fewer words and few graphics that can be packed into a small screen of mobile devices. It will help your website run fast and take less space.

Navigation Bars and Menus

Optimizing your website’s navigation bar and menu is another great way for your website to look perfect on mobile devices. You might be used to using long lines of navigation on the top of your desktop but when we talk about mobile devices it doesn’t work the same way. The best solution is using hamburger menus that can expand with just a simple click. But don’t add too many tabs, try to keep it simple and creative.

Page Load Time

Page load time is a crucial aspect of your website to keep the users engaged. No one likes to wait, your users expect your website to load within seconds on both mobile devices and desktop. Therefore, your website should load quickly and meet the expectations of the user. More importantly on mobile devices.  Our web design packages are designed to make your website fast and responsive so that you never lose a potential customer.

Scalable Web Designs

You will probably design your website using a desktop but still, it includes the mobile aspect. When working on a desktop you might easily neglect the fact that content may shrink when it appears on mobile devices. For this reason, you need to scale every element of your website properly. IF you don’t know how to do that then you should step out of your comfort zone and hire affordable web design services that can perfectly optimize your website. From images to buttons so people can easily tap on them, every element should be scaled with precision.

No Popups

As far as popups are concerned, try not to use them all together. On the desktop, popups do not take up the entire screen and it is easier for the users to press that cross button if not interested. But that’s not the case on mobile devices. It can be hard for the users to cross the popup on mobile devices even if you make it large enough. Users might still click on the popup unintentionally. It can be quite frustrating for a user. So for a better mobile version of your website, try doing something that users click for. Remove popups from your website.

Web Design with Less Large Blocks of Text

Well let’s get one thing straight, a large block of texts doesn’t look much attractive not on desktop and certainly not on mobile devices. Large blocks of text are not considered as an engaging element of a beautiful web design. They are specifically bad on a mobile device. You can outsource the perfect content suitable for your web design with affordable web design services to create utilize or optimize your current web design that is light on the eyes and simply attractive. Use little text, shorter paragraphs to deliver your message.

Simple Forms

If you think that users only find popups frustrating on a website, then my friend you don’t know about online forms. Online forms when not used efficiently can cause distress. But you cannot just eliminate online forms from your website as you did with popups. You often need users to fill a form when generating leads or help them make a purchase. What to do then? Try making your forms short and simple. Don’t ask for too much information or multiple boxes to fill. Give your users an easy time filling the forms so they can become your loyal customer.

Keep Testing Your Web Design

The final step to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly is to keep on testing it. You can use different tools for this purpose. They will rate your web design for its mobile-friendliness and also suggest some solutions that can improve your ratings. You can analyze every aspect of your web design for a detailed report and work on it to make your website better and better.

Let’s Conclude Your Web Design

With these simple tips, you can easily optimize your website for mobile devices. If you still find things complicated, then you can always go for web design services in the USA to help you create the best website for your business.