Web Design Trends And Inspirations For 2021

Web Design Trends And Inspirations For 2021

We are starting to discover new web design trends for 2021 as we make our way into a new year. You must have seen many websites over the last few months. There might be some websites that stuck out to you basis on their aesthetic layout and user-friendly interface. Something similar happens for websites with a terrible user experience, they leave a negative impact on you about the brand.

After going through several websites and gathering data, we came across a pattern. In this fast and vast digital world, an outstanding user experience and innovative web designs are not just plus points for a website. They are expected and crucial for a website to be successful.

Some web designs are incredible and we took the time to highlight them. They are not just trending, but making a huge impact on the digital world. Read along as we share our top inspirations for unique and creative web design and development skills, emerging as 2012 trending web designs.

Web Designs with Dark mode and Low Light

Several brands have started to offer their websites equipped with dark mode feature. We see this web design trend growing in the year 2021. Low light, dark mode, and similar UI options allow a user to use a website or an app in a low light environment. Some websites have a button to toggle between light and dark mode as they scroll through different pages. This toggle feature is gaining popularity. So black and white web designs can be the next best thing in 2021.

Simple Yet Attractive Web Designs

Modern designs are aesthetic and pleasing to look at. Many websites offer a streamlined yet simple user design interface. Simple designs have no flashy features to distract your target audience from completing your business goal. It helps a user to just focus on what they require.

Creative Web Designs with Embedded Video

One of the best web design trends is using videos on your homepage. It serves as a great way to inform customers about what you have to offer. A visitor immediately gets an impression of who you are and what you do. If you are creating a new website in 2021, we recommend using videos on your homepage.

A Website That Tells A Story

Another web design that is gaining popularity is an interactive one. However, this trendy web design will only seem to get along with responsive websites in 2021. Using responsive and interactive features motivates a user to spend more time on your website. Although this design sounds so good, it can be expensive and time-consuming. There are many web design and development services online that can provide unique and interactive features on your website.

Websites with this trendy design are not only visually attractive and informative, but it also keeps a visitor stays on your website and increase brand awareness.

Footer with Details

Until now footers on websites have been ignored or looked over. Footers are now containing more than just contact information, it’s now packed with additional elements of the homepage. This trendy feature feels inclusive to the overall web design.

Animations That Rotate

Rotating animations are going to be the new big thing in 2021. It comes with a feature that when you refresh a page, you come across a new animated brand video every time. With this trendy design, a user is curious for more. These fun surprises provide a unique experience to your user when they visit your website.

Web Design With Diagonal Lines

Straight and horizontal lines on the website for separating sections are a thing of the past now. After going through several websites we discovered diagonal lines. They give an interesting and clear path for the user to navigate through your page. It also encourages them to keep on reading.

Modern websites with an interesting user experience can be produced with the perfect combination of animation and diagonal lines.

Scroll Triggered Animation

Scroll animation is becoming increasingly popular. This web design showcase talented and unique web design and development skills. It can also improve your engagement. This trendy web design can be a highly effective way to motivate users to convert. These features are expected to appear among highly responsive web designs.

Color Blending

Many websites are moving towards a trendy multi-color branding look. These design features change in color when users navigate through the elements of the page. Based on colors, this design builds an association with the product or service offered.

Dimension and Depth

Depth gives complexity to the website and looks more appealing. Dimensional designs are visually aesthetic and motivate a user to complete your website’s goal.

Websites with Large Titles

Users have less and less time to spend on a website. Designs are changing and adapting to the user’s behavior. Websites are now integrated with the large and bold title with a short description that can motivate a visitor to convert in less time.

Gradient Color Schemes

In 2016, people were astonished by Instagram’s new gradient logo. When they diverged from the popular style by modernizing gradients at that time, they made an impact on design as a whole. They are becoming a popular inspiration when creating a unique web design. Some gradient design features come with tools to generate gradients and color palettes so you can create your own unique website. In the upcoming year, several websites will be integrated with gradient color schemes.

Abstract Can Grab Attention

Using unique and attractive abstract shapes on the website gives an extra element of intrigue for users. This trendy web design is a great way to optimize your web design using shapes and engage the audience.

Non-Traditional Scrolling

To provide a unique user experience, many websites are using various scrolling techniques. Vertical scrolling is a typical scrolling experience, of course. Horizontal scrolling, however, now that’s disruptive but in a good way. While they are functional and simple, they attract user’s attention. We all are excited to see unique web designs utilizing various nontraditional scrolling throughout 2021.

Web Design and Development to Upgrade Your Website

Let’s take your web design to new heights. Get inspired by these unique and trendy websites to attract new users, increase engagement, and encourage them to complete your website’s goal.