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Acknowledging LinkedIn Statistics for the Year 2022

Many different purposes are served by Social Media. Today, people surf Facebook and Twitter for different entertainment, memes, and sports. They also browse Pinterest and Instagram for different beautiful inspiration and images. While when we come to business and different professional networking opportunities, LinkedIn comes as a place where one should be. The reason for taking a closer look at LinkedIn statistics 2022 is because LinkedIn, dubbed to be “professional social networking site”, which itself is the biggest and impactful of its kind.

This blog here reviews some of the important LinkedIn marketing stats. Different categories and marketing trends will be the main focus for this blog and LinkedIn statistics 2022 blog.

It has been proven by LinkedIn that it is highly effective for helping and assisting the users to have a meaningful professional as well as business connections. The reason behind this is because it then enables the filtering out of the non-business metrics that is a capability which then is not prioritized by the different other social networks. This feature can then be considered while formulating a LinkedIn digital marketing plan and later connecting with business and professionals that is aligned with the values and niche of a business.

One can use Boolean operators in order to filter the search results for: Company, Years of experience, Job function, and Seniority level. These are to be seen as the valuable social media marketing LinkedIn features that one can be benefited from. In order to increase the connections, an individual’s LinkedIn marketing strategy should be inclusive of an optimized profile. Taking simple steps such as addition of a background photo and profile picture, writing a summary that is eye-catching, and using a job title as a heading could quite be impressive and beneficial.

Below are some of the LinkedIn statistics that job hunters are expected to look into:

  • Paying attention to job alerts and later be one of the first responders to new job postings. This then increases one’s chances of getting a reply from the employer fourfold.
  • Adding a profile picture on LinkedIn, this then increase the profile view rate by 14x.

 There do lie several different social media marketing strategies that are related to LinkedIn and these are similar to the ones of Facebook and other social media platforms. But, there also lies some of the more powerful strategies that could be catered and featured in order to leverage in one’s LinkedIn strategy, these are as follows:

  • Using the hashtag #OpenToWork frame on the profile picture if one is searching for a job
  • Using the hashtag #Hiring on the profile picture if one is looking to hire someone
  • The swipe up link feature that could be added in the stories in order to increase the visibility of content

While, for an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy, one must include sharing and creating relevant content. This site then allows oneself to use different sorts of content formats that includes: slideshows, video, and also links to the website. Acquiring these elements in one’s LinkedIn strategy will then place one among the 3 million accounts or users that tend to get an average of 9 billion impressions in total.

Demographic Data and LinkedIn Stats 2022

Demographics are included in one of the genuinely remarkable LinkedIn marketing stats. More than 800 million members across 200 countries are boasted by the social media portal worldwide which is considered as an incredible figure that anyone who is working on their LinkedIn digital marketing strategy can further feel to have an inspiration of. While, by the month of December 2021, the platform was there launched in Hindi which could support another 600-million-strong market.

It is also later estimated that 43.1% of the users are female on the platform, while the other 56.9% of the users are male. The users who are female tend to be more selective regarding their job applications, which then lead them to apply to 20% fewer jobs if we compare that with men, this is taken among the most vital LinkedIn stats for the recruiters.

Recruitment Stats

One of the primary reasons why users are on LinkedIn is job recruitment. Hence, it is a critical LinkedIn marketing area that one need to consider:

  • 9/10 LinkedIn members are there open to look for new job opportunities
  • About 85% of the recruiters use LinkedIn as a platform for running background checks on applicants.
  • Another 40% of the users intend to later switch to another position within 4 years span of time
  • 45 million users tend to search for jobs on this site weekly
  • 15% of all jobs were remote work within the year 2020
  • More than 50 million listed companies are there on LinkedIn
  • Through LinkedIn someone gets hired every 3 minutes
  • Remote job posts rose by 357% in 2021 – this an important figure that is important for considering in one’s LinkedIn campaign.

During the pandemic in 2020 was one of the most interesting LinkedIn stats, the site saw an increment in the number of remote jobs that were posted up to six times more as compared to the previous years. This fact then delivers a change that is preferred in employment and actual LinkedIn trends.

LinkedIn Used By Lead Generation

Except for recruitment and networking, a part of LinkedIn digital marketing strategy should have its focus on lead generation. Usually people spend time on their social networks. But, when the focus comes to LinkedIn, they then intend to invest their time in the platform.

The major LinkedIn statistics that should be paid attention to are the following:

  • LinkedIn invests and play a role in creating 80% of online business-to-business (B2B) lead generation.
  • 43% of social media marketers tell that they have at least sourced one customer using LinkedIn platform.
  • It is believed by 79% of the marketers that this platform comes as a great lead generation tool.
  • It is shown by statistics that by January 2020, through LinkedIn social media marketing marketers reached 663.3 million people.
  • The reach of portal ads is around 1.6% growth per quarter.
  • The U.S (162.5 million users reached) and India (62 million users reached) are the top markets reached by LinkedIn ads.

Let’s discuss some LinkedIn marketing statistics. It was mentioned before that only a few users and businesses post content. But, the ones who do make it their LinkedIn marketing strategy’s part drive large volumes of traffic to their websites. It doesn’t come as a surprise that numerous B2B marketers, even of Uptime Web Solutions prefer LinkedIn. In 2018 B2B survey, 97% of the respondents were been reported as to have used LinkedIn for their initiatives related to content marketing.

Whereas, as a comparison Facebook and Twitter saw 86 and 87% popularity among the marketers, this came out as interesting LinkedIn marketing stats for social media specialists.

Some of more related stats that are driven by the latest LinkedIn trends are as follows:

  • An increment in purchase intent as high as 33% with the brands posting ads
  • LinkedIn ad campaigns reaching 13% of all the international and around the world audiences
  • 20x more sharing of the video posts.
  • Employees today are 14 times more likely to share one’s site’s content in order to support the business.
  • Images that are larger in size get 38% of higher click-through rates which then is catered as an important detail while creating the content for SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • 3.5% of increase in ad reach was seen in the last quarter of 2021.
  • LinkedIn is considered as the most trustworthy and most trusted platform for brand reputation.
  • For lead generation LinkedIn is 277% more effective as compared to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Except 30% of the engagement to come from employees.