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Ten DuckDuckGo Facts for SEO Experts and Digital Marketers

Ever since its debut, DuckDuckGo has seen significant growth. Discover all the benefits of utilizing DuckDuckGo right away. How often do you use DuckDuckGo? You might want to read this article if you said “never” to that question. DuckDuckGo has changed its look and developed over time to better serve users’ requirements and uphold their privacy. Along with having great search capabilities, DDG (DuckDuckGo) also provides a lot of helpful tools that may shorten the time it takes to research while also enhancing your search approach. I’ve done a study on DDG and its benefits for SEO specialists and digital marketers. Here, you’ll discover all you need to know about DDG, as well as some intriguing information about the search engine and the reasons why marketers ought to use it.

What Is DuckDuckGo?

The search engine DDGo doesn’t keep track of its users, thus it doesn’t save any records of the websites you visit. This creates a private search history since no one can tell who you are, where you live, what you prefer to search for, or which websites you’ve visited when you use DDG. Since the company’s founding in 2008, Gabriel Weinberg has developed his original concept. He first used Google for searching, but after realizing how much information Google gathers, he decided to build his own, private search engine. DDG is a built-in plugin for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome that marketers and SEO experts may utilize. Additionally, the search engine is now accessible via an iOS, Android, and Windows 8 tablet app. Now, let’s get into why you should consider using DDG.

Why Use DuckDuckGo?

DDG has grown to be one of the most well-liked alternate search engines because of its distinctive search methods. And while many are familiar with the name, very few are aware of what makes it unique. DDG was created with speed, privacy, and security in mind from the beginning. The search engine doesn’t employ tracking cookies or any other extraneous data collecting; it just uses what is essential to give results. DDG is now one of the top search engines for protecting privacy thanks to this. In addition to eliminating trackers on websites you visit, it enables anonymous searching. DDG doesn’t retain IP addresses and encrypts all queries using HTTPS. DDG and Google are comparable search engines, but the primary distinction between them is that DDG doesn’t follow you as Google does. Therefore, regardless of how frequently you search, you won’t see adverts tailored to your past searches. You will see sponsored links instead that are pertinent to the current discussion. This is excellent news for everyone seeking reliable information online, not just privacy supporters. DDG is a fantastic solution if you want to locate something specific without being followed. Additionally, you may go to this Search Engine Journal website if you’re attempting to understand how to implement SEO for DDG. DDG gives you the option to block specific cookie types, giving you control over whether third parties can track your browsing history across the Internet. Having access to this data has several benefits, particularly when it comes to marketing initiatives. Marketing professionals may now contact potential clients more quickly than ever before thanks to tools like the ability to target particular keywords depending on the pages people visit. Let’s now explore the useful features that DDG provides.

Helpful DuckDuckGo Search Features

DDG provides a ton of options, like voice searches, picture searches, and searches based on location. As I previously stated, the primary distinction between Google and DDG is that the latter does not monitor users via cookies or any other tools. Additionally, no data is sold to outside parties. DDG wants to keep all of its customers safe. The business has created several features that allow it to recognize possible risks without compromising customer privacy. Additionally, it has advice on how to assess your add-ons and securely uninstall any unauthorized or potentially hazardous add-ons. Additionally, DDG is connected to Apple Maps, enabling users to do secret location searches. Safe Search, Instant Answers, and private searches are a few benefits. These aid DDG in shielding its consumers against harmful websites, con artists, and viruses. Without requiring you to navigate through many websites, DDG leverages over 100 sources to deliver instant answers to your questions.

The! Bang Syntax

The! Bang Syntax function on DDG, which enables direct site search from DDG without first visiting that site, is a great tool. Let’s say you wanted to look for recipes for butter chicken on Pinterest. If you utilize DDG’s Pinterest shortcut, it will take you directly to the platform’s Pinterest results if you type [!p butter chicken recipes] into the search field. Additional websites like Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia have many other shortcuts on DDG. Enter an exclamation point in the search field to bring up a list of all the shortcuts. Do not be concerned; it is simple to use and excellent for rapid searches. The time required to access a website and conduct a search is lost. The! bang commands also function in the address bar if you use DDG’s browser plugin or use it as your browser’s default search engine. You should also have a look at some of DDG’s other intriguing features, such as category pages, keyboard shortcuts, and Autosuggest. Check out these ten DDG facts if you’re still not convinced about the search engine. They just might persuade you.