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Website Usability In 2023: Common Frustrations And Delights

Website Usability has come a long way, but it is still far from perfect. Moving into 2023, it is important to examine what users are experiencing on the web today and how those experiences might change in the future.

As technology continues to advance, web users are increasingly demanding more from their online experiences. Despite the many advances made in website design, there are still some common frustrations that users experience when navigating the web.

At the same time, there are also some delightful moments that users find when visiting websites. UI/UX patterns are more important than ever for successful web usage. It is important to understand both the common exasperations and the things that users find satisfying when navigating websites. By taking this into account, website owners can ensure they create the best user experience possible.

The goal of this post is to provide an overview of what these feelings look like in the current year. We will examine the areas that are causing confusion for users. For all your web issues we offer premium Web Solutions for you through this year.

Features That Users Find Annoying!

In 2023, users will likely experience some of the same frustrations they have grown accustomed to when navigating the web.

  • One of the most common frustrations in web usage is if it is confusing. The User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX) should be intuitive and easy to understand, but unfortunately many websites fail to meet this expectation.
  • Due to the increasing complexity of web usage, a lot of new technologies and trends are emerging and this has led to a lack of user guidance on how to properly use them. For instance, users may be presented with a new feature but not know what it is used for or how it works. This will definitely lead to an unpleasant experience.
  • Another common issue user face is navigating complicated webpages with too many options. With so much content competing for attention, it can be hard for users to find what they’re looking for. Users often experience a lack of navigation paths that are easy to follow, a lack of visual hierarchy, and an overall design that is either overwhelming or underwhelming. If a website fails to provide clear guidance on how to use it, then it won’t be enjoyable to navigate and interact with.
  • Another common frustration that users experience in 2023 is websites that are too slow or do not respond in a timely manner. This can make any website feel like a chore rather than a pleasure. An outdated web usage approach can also cause users to feel frustrated when websites fail to load quickly or crash unexpectedly, whereas users expect fast loading times and reliable performance in this age.
  • Additionally, if there are too many ads or pop-ups, users may become overwhelmed or frustrated by their presence and leave the site altogether.
  • Finally, websites that don’t follow UI/UX patterns or guidelines can also be incredibly frustrating for users. Such websites are often difficult to navigate, unappealing, and feel like they lack purpose or direction.


  • The Pop-ups
  • Pop-ups and modals
  • Push notifications
  • Chat window pop-ups
  • Feedback pop-ups
  • Install app prompts
  • Permissions
  • Importing contacts
  • Geolocation permissions
  • Access to camera/mic/photos
  • Demanding permissions on page load
  • Confusing UI
  • Slow parallax, slow transitions
  • Background video stalls and jitter
  • Flags used for language selector
  • Aggressive live validation
  • Reaching footer with infinite scroll
  • Bad Navigation Structure
  • Birthday dropdown that starts in 2023
  • Filters freezing UI on every selection
  • Disabled buttons that don’t explain what’s wrong
  • Disabled copy-paste
  • Crosswalks and fire hydrants- CAPTCHA Tests
  • Asking For User’s Information
  • Email for coupon sign-ups
  • Gender, age, phone input
  • Security questions
  • Others
  • Auto-advancing carousels
  • App onboarding tutorials
  • Install your updates
  • 2-Factor-Authentication

The key is to recognize these issues and take proactive steps to address them. By understanding the current trends and making sure that your website adheres to the latest standards, you can ensure a positive user experience for your visitors.

Things That Users Find Smashing!

In the world of web usage in 2023, users are happy when they find a website that is both intuitive and modern.

  • UI should be designed to be user-friendly and should provide clear pathways to completing tasks.
  • Users take interest in websites that offer personalized content that adapts to their needs. Content should be tailored to the individual user’s preferences and the website should be optimized for multiple devices and screen sizes.
  • Users enjoy sites that offer an abundance of features, such as quick search functions, chatbots, and interactive elements. By making use of these features, users can find what they are looking for faster and easier.
  • Websites that have strong security measures in place to protect user data and provide a safe environment for them to interact are favored by users.
  • Finally, users will appreciate websites that offer positive feedback on interactions and activities. By giving timely and personalized feedback, users can feel more connected to the websites they are using and have a greater sense of accomplishment when they complete tasks.


  • Calm, fast, accessible experience
  • Large, legible text
  • Responsive design
  • Large checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Input boxes that look like input boxes
  • Clear focus/active states
  • Simple password requirements
  • Large, tap able areas
  • Helpful error messages
  • Error messages not covering text input
  • Error messages not appearing as toast messages
  • User input persisted on refresh
  • Drop-downs opening on tap/click
  • Easy undos, edits, cancellations
  • Pausing of auto-rotating carousels
  • Infinite scroll with a sticky footer
  • Reliable “Refresh” and “Back” buttons
  • Videos with playback speed options
  • Videos with a closed captioning option
  • Reliable browser’s auto-fill and password generation
  • Filters applied manually, with the “Apply” button
  • Magic link sign-in experience

Overall, websites that prioritize user experience and make use of modern technologies will be the most favored by users in 2023. By offering an intuitive design, personalized content, convenient features, strong security, and positive feedback, users will find websites wonderful and easy to use.