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Tips on Closing the Wage Gap for Women in SEO

The SEO industry providing the top SEO services is no exception when it comes to the persistence of the gender-based pay gap. Across the board and in America coming in with SEO services in USA, COVID has worsened the global inequality, and this then has translated into deepening the wage gap and that too especially for Native American, Black, and Latinx women.

According to algorithm trends, consumer behavior, data, SEO is constantly evolving but when the thing is about treating women as equals, there is much less evolution to the industry.

Even now, SEO is an industry dominated by males, and where women are outnumbered by men 2-to-1, which is according to the industry that was conducted back in 2021.

These were the key takeaways from that particular survey:

  • As compared to their male counterparts, women are twice as likely to freelance
  • Women are far less likely to be technical SEO professionals
  • More likely women are to get paid by the hour or project while men are more likely to charge monthly retainers
  • In comparison to women, men’s retainers are 28.6% higher
  • On average, men’s project rates were 66.7% higher than that of women
  • As compared to women, median hourly rates for men were 16.8%

While for various aspects of this research, the sample sizes were small, it is also important to note that this study failed in accounting for the impact of combined gender and racial bias for Indigenous, Black, and other women of color in SEO services in USA, which was acknowledged and regretted by the study coordinator.

If this factor would have been catered, then most likely there would have been more extreme differences witnessed in opportunities and pay for those women.

Despite this factor, numerous women continue to be intrigued by entrepreneurship and careers in Digital Marketing and top SEO services. And with the involvement of more women in the industry and their growth, the uphill battles that are faced by those women are then realized by more and more people.

To prove the value to the companies and agencies, employing women, it can be intimidating to ask and inquire about the rates that are seen in the industry benchmarks.

Acknowledging the Value as an SEO Professional

In general, in the workplace, women tend to hang back and ask for less. A LinkedIn study that was recently conducted showed that women tend to apply for 20% fewer jobs as compared to men. While it was found out by another famous study that women feel that they are required to meet the 100% criteria of any particular job before applying for that job, while men end up applying for that job after meeting 60% of that job criteria.

It is further to be seen that as compared to men, women are twice as likely to report a total lack of comfort while they are there asking for a raise. Women need to ask for more, and when they are unable to get it, instead of throwing up or giving, they are expected to learn and take a different approach and try again in another manner.

Women should learn to evolve their reaction once they have been rejected, they are supposed to know that the verdict that has been served is not on them or their worth and they should just stop. They are expected to learn from failure to try again, fail better, and in the end, to eventually succeed.  Women need to show what they can bring to the table by including different valuable measurements in their descriptions rather than day-to-day activities.

Why In SEO, Titles Still Matter?

As being a signal to others, titles are as much about the pay of a woman and her responsibilities. In the early days of the career, women usually and quickly learn for a fact that marketing their services as a freelancer will reduce the quality of the jobs that are there coming in and the pay that is being offered for that work. While this can significantly be improved once a particular and strong title, such as copywriter or content provider could be listed as the title.

Furthermore, a title can also signal the level of experience of women and can deliver the level of expertise to others that are quickly dissipated once one is down to work. The levels of support, confidence, and money that are needed to do the job can never be equated to holding a title.

Doesn’t matter whatever title is held by a woman, she won’t be able to achieve different great things or goals once no team could support her confidence, efforts, and also put in their confidence in her abilities.

Moreover, it is also dependent on a woman’s ability to demonstrate her value and to speak up. She should never be afraid for bragging tastefully but it should be made sure by her that the credit for her work is claimed by her.

Traditionally, women are always been taught not to get into conflicts and to avoid conflicts, not to make waves, but it becomes difficult for standing out in conditions where she has spent all her time blending in. The actual payment for that is to be bold enough in the right moments.

In the end, if she is not comfortable with her work, and eventually fails to have a recognition of its value,