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Google News’s Desktop Redesign Goes Live

Google News is now available on desktop in a new, more configurable look. Google is releasing a revamped desktop version of Google News that customers may personalize to suit their informational requirements.

This upgrade includes:

  • Being able to include filters.
  • Adaptable subject matter.
  • Extension of the Fact Check section.

Google claims that reader comments served as inspiration for the new design of Google News on desktop. In addition, today is the 20th anniversary of Google News, one of the first applications for gathering news in real time.

Here is further information regarding the updates to Google News for desktops.

Updates to Google News on Desktop

New Filters

To bring in news from several areas at once, you may apply filters to the local news section. Moving the most significant articles, local news, and user-selected content to the top of the screen makes it simpler to stay up to date on breaking news.

Customizable Topics

The subjects that display on the new Google News desktop homepage can be changed. By selecting the blue customize button located in the upper right corner of the Your Subjects page, you may add, delete, or reorganize topics.

Expanded Fact Check

In an enlarged Fact Check section, Google News on desktop now gives additional insight about stories. You may now examine the initial assertion as well as the independent organizations’ fact-checked evaluation.

Relaunching In Spain

With today’s debut of the desktop revamps, Google News is making a comeback in Spain after an eight-year absence.

Google Helping Journalists

Google highlighted the different ways it helps news producers all across the world in a blog post announcing the change to News on desktop.

These projects include:

  • Providing newsrooms and journalists with goods, initiatives, money, and training.
  • Introducing the Global News Equity Fund, a multi-million dollar initiative to assist the news business to become more diverse and equitable.
  • Granting journalists that work with local and underserved populations $1 million in financing.
  • Investing in an advertising campaign for local media channels.