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Next Month Google is Sunsetting URL Parameters Tool

Next month, Google is making plans for deprecating the URL Parameters tool which is a real climax in the digital, and says that it won’t be there further needed since now Google can automatically deal with the parameters.

In an announcement today, Google confirms that it will be sunsetting the URL Parameters Tool in the Search Console by the month that is coming next.

There won’t be any requirement of the action for the current tool’s users as stated by Google, itself.

This then means that there won’t be any need for the users to do anything for specifying the function of URL parameters on their site.

The people were able to make the specifications regarding the certainty of parameters and their effect on the content on their site, by making use of the URL Parameters.

While, now, crawlers of Google will be able to learn how they will be dealing with the URL parameters automatically.

It could be said that there lies no need for the URL Parameters tool anymore.

One of the Google officials who work in the Search Relations team of Google makes an explanation about the tool and tells that the tool was introduced ten years ago and was introduced as a solution for the further time that will be “wilder: in the history of the web.

According to him, when in 2009 this URL Parameters tool was launched in Search Console’s predecessor, Webmaster Tools, then as compared to today, the internet was catered as much wilder place if we compare it from today.

Back in those days, SessionID parameters were catered as to be too common, there was some trouble faced by CMSes while organizing the parameters, and often browsers were seen as to be breaking the links.

And with the time being, gradually, and eventually Google learned its lesson about which parameters are of use and which parameters had no purpose.

Furthermore, it was seen that only 1% of the parameter configurations currently specified in the URL Parameters tool could be used for crawling.

Google is officially deprecating this tool next month, considering how far this tool’s value has made its declination over the years, and also its effect on the SEO results.

While if you are someone who requires more control over the handling of URL parameters by Google on your site, then you always can make use of robots.txt rules.

It is also reminded Google people that hreflag can also be used for specifying language variations of the content of a site, while if you are someone who doesn’t know about this much then Uptime Web Solution can help you with this.