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For Keyword – Based Domains, No SEO Bonus Anymore: Google

It was said by a Google representative that no SEO bonus is provided by the keyword-based domains, in fact, they also limit SEO bonuses too. And, later different sets of ideas were offered by the professional for the best domains.

Adding Keywords in the Domain Name

There lie numerous reasons why it is recommended to add the keywords in the domain names by the SEOs. But, now, it is explained by the Google professional that Google is now efficient enough to know the difference between an anchor text and a URL, and in bare URL, Google will not use the keywords. It is stated by the SEOs that in the domain the keywords help top SEO services because keywords let Google understand the reason and meaning behind the site. But, Google professionals and experts discredit this idea. There was a time when exact match domains were ranked by Google parked domains included. Years ago for reducing the impact, the exact match effect was dampened.

Pick a Domain Name That is for the Long Term

It was later suggested that picking up a domain that could outlast a change in focus can make sense. Amazon is a good example of this. Initially, Amazon started as an online bookseller and it later transitioned in selling nearly everything since the domain name of Amazon wasn’t specified to books. So, numerous very first SEO companies start as web designing companies and they later transition towards the SEO for this they require to change their domain names too if it is specified to the web design.

While another factor to consider is the changing of trends. It is to be seen many of the trendy words today, years later could sound cliché and tired. So, it is suggested to pick such a domain name that can further survive the change in the trends and business models. It is significant to pick something that enables the growth, and so one should go with a domain name that looks and sounds more like a brand that could be built out and with which people can find you directly.

Making the Business Future Proof

Changing a domain name or restructuring a site because the focus of the site grew could come out as a big hassle. Some of the sites start by focusing on one specific topic and it is okay but having room to grow is always a good idea. The reason for this could be: the creation of separate sites for the sub—business-ideas comes out as a hassle, and a bigger hassle is merging sites, so, moving domains is catered as hassle. All of this is consumes a lot of time, and more, even money. So, one should go with something that one can want to keep for longer and which further can give a room.

Keyword Domain: is it Worthwhile?

Acquiring a keyword in the domain can come as an assist for conversions and using A/B tests and PPC this could be tested and could be used to identify which of the domain names perform the best. Whereas, a general keyword could also work out as to be useful.

A potential visitor could be signaled by a keyword in the domain that one’s site contains what they are looking for. But, such considerations are supposed to be balanced out by having an understanding that business growth could be limited by a keyword-based domain.

The following points are often emphasized by the professionals and experts:

  • Business growth could be limited with the keyword-based domains
  • A domain that has the potential to grow should always be chosen
  • For keywords in domains, there is no rankling bonus
  • Pivoting to a new domain comes as a huge hassle

When starting a business, ideally, the idea of an eventual expansion to other products should be catered to in the business plan. So if one is starting as Pillow Company, assigning the domain name a brand type name will always assist in keeping the door open to the growth of the business into so much more than just a pillow e-commerce website.