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Google Expands Performance Max Campaigns’ Access to Optimization Score

The popular feature of Google Ads, the optimization score, is now compatible with Performance Max campaigns. For Performance Max campaigns, Google is releasing six new capabilities, including the eagerly anticipated optimization score.

Advertisers now have a quick and simple approach to pinpoint problem areas before the launch of a Performance Max campaign. Additionally, recently updated explanations will assist in addressing queries about a campaign’s effectiveness following launch.

The new features for Performance Max campaigns are described in full here.

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns: New Features

Optimization Score

Utilize the Google Ads optimization score to find methods to enhance your campaign. If your campaign receives a grade of less than 100 percent on a scale of 0-100, you’ll receive suggestions for raising the score.

Advertisers rely on the optimization score function when developing other sorts of campaigns in Google Ads, and it is now accessible for Performance Max.

Seasonality Adjustments

With seasonality changes, you may adjust your bid strategy for occasions like sales and promotions, where conversion rates are predicted to be higher. When you expect a big rise in conversion rate outside of regular seasonal patterns, Google advises using seasonality adjustments. Predicted seasonal events are already taken into account in smart bidding.

Data Exclusions

You can instruct Google’s smart bidding to omit data from times when your campaign experienced conversion tracking troubles by using data exclusions.

By excluding that information, you may keep your Performance Max bid strategy from being impacted by erroneous conversion monitoring.

Advanced Location Targeting Controls

Utilize new, advanced location choices to increase the accuracy of your targeting. In your campaign settings, under “Location choices,” you can choose to target people based on their “presence or interest,” either physically or virtually.


Explanations for Performance Max campaigns will eliminate the need for guesswork in determining the cause of an unexpected performance change. Google Ads will offer suggestions to improve your performance, enabling you to solve problems quickly and so save time.

Diagnostic Insights

You can use diagnostic insights during the initial setup of a Performance Max campaign to find any problems with ad policy, billing, budget, and other factors.

If problems are discovered, Google will offer suggestions for resolving them.